For writers, artists and booklovers

Hello, welcome to my creative blog for writers, artists, and booklovers, as well as list-makers, goal-setters, planners, learners, and dreamers.

I’ve had so many blogs over the last few years and currently have multiple blogs. I’m still searching for what works for me. It’s like my journey trying to find a planner that works for me; still trying out different styles. Just need to find the mix of creativity and organisation that suits me.

On this blog I’d like to eventually work out some sort of blogging schedule, something like book posts on Mondays, art posts on Tuesdays, writing posts on Wednesday, list posts on Thursdays, resource posts on Saturdays, and gratitude posts on Sundays.

We’ll see how we go. Maybe I’ll just share the my creative journey as it comes rather than having a set schedule.

If you have any suggestions, would love to hear them.

Do you have a blogging schedule?


6 thoughts on “For writers, artists and booklovers

  1. I used to try and write two reviews per week at least, I did a Wednesday bookmeme called #WonderingWednesdays every week. But I’ll be doing them once or twice a month now. I try to post a reading related post once a week as well, and a to read in (place month here). So not really a schedule, just a goal amount of posts 🙂 good luck with this blog.
    Love Mallory x


    1. Cool ideas, I like the idea of doing something regularly like that. Maybe a booktag every week or month and book reviews. Not sure yet, but love using goals. Thanks heaps!


    1. Awesome that you’ve found a schedule that works for you. I think one of my problems is there are a lot of topics I like to write about and not sure how to schedule them. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I’ve tried to adhere to a schedule this summer, since school vacation parenting + travel prevents my former daily posting routine. I’ve missed some deadlines. Sigh. I tend toward an obsessive, one track mind. I sometimes end up posting what I’ve written when it’s ready instead of sensibly scheduling it.

    No one seems to mind, but neither am I particularly popular/successful as far as hits go. Luckily, this is my hobby, not my livelihood.


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