Do you love books?

One of the things I love most is books.

I read from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep when I was a kid.

Bookshops are my favourite places. When I walk into a bookshop it feels like home. It also feels like heaven. It makes me smile.

My goal is to read 100 books this year. Not sure if I’ll make it but the point is that I read because I always feel better on days when I read. So far I’ve read 41 books.

On this blog I’ll share the books I’m reading and some thoughts about them.

Do you have a reading goal?


10 thoughts on “Do you love books?

  1. Hi there! I like your new blog! And thank you for the follow. 😊 My goal this year is to read 40 books and I’ve completed 32. The goal was kind of arbitrary, as I haven’t read much in recent years. But like you, I used to spend every spare moment reading as a kid. Summers were a dream because I would easily read 30-40 books per summer! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the books you read. Maybe we have a similar taste?


    1. Wow, go you! That’s impressive. How did you get through the books so quickly? For me, having a reading list and the goal helped a lot. And I try to read every day, although It’s a bit hit and miss.


    1. Thanks so much! Don’t think I’ll make it to 100 this year but good to have the goal and determined to make 100 one year. 40 is great! When I first started setting goals to read more, my first year I made it to 32 books. Last year I made it to 82.

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  2. Wow, 100 is a great goal! My initial goal this year was 35, but then I came across a reading challenge to read a book a week, and decided that was a great goal, so I increased my reading goal to 52 books. But I’ve already ready more than that and there is much year left. I’m not sure if I should increase my goal or just leave it as is. I am guessing I will read somewhere around 100 books this year, which will be the most I’ve read in a year since at least childhood, if not in my life!


    1. That was my goal last year to read 52, one per week and was so good to smash it. But maybe I set my goal too high this year. Oh well, doesn’t matter, the point is I read a lot more with a goal. Go you!!! That’s awesome. Cheering you on!


      1. I also read more with a goal. I’m a pretty goal driven person, but I have to balance that with remembering it’s just a goal. Having a challenging goal is great and I hope you achieve it. Happy reading!


        1. I love goals!! They’re the best, always love having goals, they actually get me doing things which is the main point, rather than the goal. So true! They’re a useful tool.

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