Life Insights from The Karate Kid

The original Karate Kid movies with Mr Miyagi and  Danny Laruso were some of my favourite childhood movies and they are classics for me because I still love just as much as an adult. Maybe even more.

I love that it’s not just about karate, or fighting, or winning. It’s about friendship, knowing yourself, and principles for life. I love Mr Miyagi’s wisdom and how he’s all about being centred and treating others well.

I just finished watching the three movies and for the first time the progression of growth in Danny struck me. He had to find balance, focus, strength in himself, the right reasons to fight, and the path he wanted to take.

I love how it was through karate and his friendship with Mr Miyagi that he found all these things. And I love that learning these things didn’t just help him in karate but they helped him in life.

At the end of each of the movies, I find myself smiling. That’s a testament to the power of those movies. Maybe it’s because he’s the underdog, maybe it’s because he fights and lives with respect for others, (and maybe it’s because I had a bit of a crush on him), but I’m cheering for Danny.

These movies will always be in my collection, sentimental favourites that I’ll always love watching. The remake doesn’t even come close to the originals.

Anyone else like the original The Karate Kid?


3 thoughts on “Life Insights from The Karate Kid

      1. I think they do that for everyone lol! it would be awesome to try out, i was offered by my daughters karate teacher to join but have not been able to with all the stuff i have to do in a day.


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