The difference a laptop can make to writing

Buying this laptop was one of the best decisions I made.

I ummed and ahhed over it for a month since I already had a laptop. But when I saw this beautiful, small aqua laptop with the beautiful white keys, I fell in love with it.

It’s me. Blue is my favourite colour and aesthetics means a lot to me, so when I found this laptop that makes me happy, I thought it was perfect for me.

For a month I couldn’t stop thinking about it and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense to get it. As a writer, it was worth the money because every time I looked at it it would inspire me to write and every time I wrote I would enjoy it. The small size also meant I could take it to cafes to write which is something I love to do. I could also take it on the plane because I travel home every year for Christmas.

Still, I felt guilty about spending money on something I didn’t need. When I received a gift of money, I took it as a sign and went for it. I’m so glad I did. I don’t normally splurge, but this splurge was so worth it.

It really does make me want to write and makes me enjoy writing so much. The whole experience matters and having this beautiful writing tool that I love makes writing such a joy.

I call it my writing laptop because it is only for one writing project at a time. One book project.

It’s only small and doesn’t have much memory space but that’s perfect because it means the only files on it are files for a specific book project. That means no distractions. No internet, no other Word documents, just the book to focus on.

My other laptop is for everything else, so this laptop system works really well. I had no idea that the laptop I worked with made such a difference. I had three other laptops before this one, all big, chunky, black things that I just saw as practical machines. This aqua laptop is a work of art.

Now that I know how much the writing tools matter, I’m going to keep investing in laptops I love for writing projects.

Do you have a laptop that you love or a writing system that works for you?


17 thoughts on “The difference a laptop can make to writing

  1. I have an old laptop that heats up, even though I vacuumed it. But I’m there with you on the importance of enjoying your laptop. I enjoy most laptops myself because the keys are different from regular keyboards, and don’t quite understand — yet! — why some people now use whatsapp for longer conversations (instead of email). Laptops are so great when you want to type stuff 🙂


    1. Me too, definitely love laptops. One of my favourite possessions that I’m thankful for and would take everywhere with me. The aqua one took it to another level I had no idea about. So fun!

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  2. I love typing on my laptop! I much prefer it to a desktop PC because of the convenience, if I want to stay in bed and write a post with a cup of tea on the table and my slippers on then I CAN! I don’t have to take myself and sit on an uncomfortable computer chair, although the choice is there if I want to! Nice post 🙂 X


  3. How pretty! I love blue and would have splurged on that baby in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have a laptop. My next laptop will definitely be a smaller version, like this one.


    1. So pretty! I’d never seen a laptop in blue before so this was a good find. And definitely like a smaller laptop. Love being able to hold it with one hand and type with the other. And love being able to put it in my bag and not have a giant laptop bag for it.


  4. I love my Chromebook because it is so light and turns on in a flash. I can hop on and be through writing a post before my laptop is ready to go. But if I could have any laptop, I would get one with a back lit keyboard. I had one through work and it made it so wonderful to type. But truth be told, I prefer a separate keyboard as I love the deeper keys and the ergonomic design! Best of luck on writing all the things on your new laptop!


    1. I only recently learnt of Chromebooks, not sure if I should try it one day but I do use Chrome and like the idea. Love that. Ooh, and I’ll have to try one with a backlit keyboard too, one day. Thanks so much!


      1. I really hate typing on touch screens and Chromebook had been my solution. It takes seconds to get up and running and had a keyboard. I can see why they aren’t for everyone, but for my life, I usually only need Google docs. Plus now I own the Google pixel phone so everything is integrated.


        1. Ah, didn’t even think of touchscreens. Haven’t had that experience yet, but I think I’d definitely be a keyboard over touchscreen person too. That sounds great, makes me think a Chromebook will be good for me. I have everything on Google Drive.

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  5. Am totally with you! Have an old laptop and fell in love with a Macbook. In gold. Just needed to have it and am so happy with it. Taking it with me everywhere … great post!!!


    1. That’s so good to hear. Wow, gold, that sounds impressive. I wonder why there aren’t more coloured laptops around and decorations for laptops. I’d love to bling mine up.

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  6. The right tools make all the difference for creative pursuits! Not that you can’t accomplish great things if they aren’t available to you, but when they are, why not? The right tools — and the right environment.


    1. So true. I knew that for pens and notebooks, so I should have known when it came to laptops too. But just didn’t know laptops came in other styles. Now that I know, so glad!

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      1. Frankly, I didn’t know too much about laptops until my desktop crashed last year. I was lucky enough to get what I need. As for pens and notebooks, I have a mild addiction to them!


        1. Oh wow, I never thought I’d be into laptops but then I got one when I did honours at uni cos I had to take it to uni every day. It won me over. Definitely love laptops. And all stationery. It’s dangerous for me to go into stationery shops.

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  7. If it works for you–if it helps you get the job done–it’s not really a splurge. You bought a useful tool for your craft. Good! 🙂

    I prefer beautiful tools. I prefer light and streamlined setups. I get it!


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