New art supplies for new creative projects

I’m excited to get started with some new creative projects with this mini stationery haul.

I bought two Visual Art Diaries, two black ballpoint pens, and a black archival fineliner.

I’m going to use one visual diary as an art journal. I’m thinking of creating one page and coming up with a system that works for me to help me reflect, rest, and record. I probably won’t be that disciplined yet, but if it goes well, I might love doing it every day.

I’m thinking of incorporating quotes that speak to me, things I’ve accomplished, things that inspire me, and things I’m grateful, pictures I love, notes about any dreams I had during the night, notes about the day, random thoughts and ideas, and doodles.

I’m going to use the other visual diary as an art sermon journal. One page per sermon, writing down notes and drawing to help me listen, remember, and hopefully apply what I learn.

I bought the black ballpoint pens to do the writing and drawing in these visual diaries. I find them easier to work with than fineliners for rapid note-taking and quick work like this because fineliners are more delicate and smudge more easily.

I also bought an archival fineliner. I only learnt about these a few days ago and I’m excited to try it out. It’s waterproof so I’ll be able to use it with my gelatos and waterbrush pen as well as my Prismacolors.

Future art supplies on my to-buy list are:

  • Tombow dual brush pens
  • Micron pens
  • Steadtler pens
  • Stabilo pens
  • Bullet journal
  • Leuchtturm1917 notebook

What art supplies do you want to buy?


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