My favourite writing place

I love living five minutes from ten beaches. I have to admit one of the reasons I moved here four years ago was so I could write at the beach.

I spent the day at one of my favourite beaches today. The water was beautiful!

Smooth and clear. Aqua and sparkling. Made me so happy. I could see the coral reef and fish. The photos do not do the colour of the water justice but I love how the sparkles look like diamonds.

I love sitting on a rock with my iPod, notebook, pen, and a stunning view.

Where’s your favourite place to write?


16 thoughts on “My favourite writing place

  1. I love writing on my back patio in the early morning during the summer. In winter, I’m usually in my library with the fire burning and my dogs cuddled around my feet. I especially love your writing location! How lucky for you!


  2. How beautiful! I live two miles from a beach, but my intolerance of heat precludes me from going there during the summer, haha. I just sit in my bed where I can see nature outside our three bedroom windows. I’ve always found if I try to write outside, I get way too distracted by nature! 😜


    1. I love the heat so much, it’s one of the reasons I moved to a place of sun. My bed definitely is my best writing place, but nothing beats the beach for beauty. I find when I’m in my room, I write better when the curtains are closed, otherwise I stare out the window too much – hehe!

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    1. So beautiful, I love going there when I need to rest and it always makes me smile. But yep, my bedroom is where I write most. Definitely not as pretty as the beach but love the comfort of my bed.


  3. I really need a table/desk to write comfortably at any length, with pen and paper or typing. I have a little table in my room, and a desk, but I also love to settle in the corner of a coffee shop, etc.


    1. I love the idea of having a desk for writing. I’d love a wooden desk with shelves that I could decorate and organise. I think I’d just stay with the bed though – so comfy.


  4. I’m usually at home, writing on my laptop, curled up on chair or bed in a way that’s a little awkward to do in public, headphones plugged in to a decent stereo system and my camera bag nearby so I can reformat the memory card after I pull the photos off of it and run backups.


  5. I only started my blog about three days ago because I was sat at home, ill. Each of my posts so far I’ve written in bed, so I hope that’ll change soon haha! My garden is one of my favourite places to be (among MANY others).


  6. I loved writing near a fire place I during winter time. In the summer I enjoy the outdoors a lot. Writing near a beach sounds great but I must admit it distract me at times 🙂 just looking at the water and blue skies helped me to calm down and “align the thoughts” before start writing.


    1. Writing near the fireplace sounds so cosy. That’s true about the beach, maybe it’s more accurate to say it’s my favourite place and therefore I love to write there, but there are other places I prefer to work when I’m working on a writing project.


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