For the love of the blank page

I had this moment where I was all ready to journal. I got my notebook out and had my pen in hand. I opened the notebook to a blank page and was about to write. I stopped.

The blank page looked so good!

It was a moment I had to savour. I appreciated the blank page so much. What a great sight! Is there anything more beautiful than a blank page?

Knowing I can fill it up with whatever I want. It is my canvas. All that I put on the page is mine.

Deprive me of pen and paper and I might go crazy. Thank goodness for blank pieces of paper.

Do you love the wonder, beauty, and magic of the blank page?


7 thoughts on “For the love of the blank page

  1. I do get similarly excited about a blank page, but I think a page I’ve filled with witty, erudite commentary in beautiful, flowing script is even better.

    Sadly, I don’t see that very often! 😀


    1. So good, isn’t it! I never wanted to ruin nice notebooks but then I just loved the idea of filling pages with my own creations more than keeping a notebook pretty. Still, some notebooks I try to keep my handwriting neat, but when I think of the purpose of the notebook, it’s a tool for me, not me for it. Thanks heaps!

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