Book Giveaway: What book do you want to buy right now?

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One of my bucket list items is to buy a stranger a book. There are a few reasons I want to do this:

  • I love books and want to spread books with the world.
  • I love random (intentional) acts of kindness – things like putting money in a stranger’s letterbox, paying for a strangers’s meal at a restaurant, and giving away hampers.
  • Gifts is my love language – it makes me smile!
  • I just went on my own book splurge today as I received a sum of money – I got the Lord of the Rings boxset, One of Us Is Lying, and 25 and 27 Stella St by Elizabeth Honey.

So I’ve got $50 to give away for someone to spend on their reading delight. I will send it via Paypal, so I only need an email address. (Don’t worry, this isn’t a ploy to get emails. Your email will be confidential and I have no subscription emails or anything, so I won’t be emailing you at all.)

To win this book giveaway, just leave a comment with the book you want to buy and why.

What book do you want to buy and why?


22 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: What book do you want to buy right now?

  1. This is so sweet of you! I would love to buy Under Rose Tainted Skies or A List of Cages because they both deal with mental illnesses, which is something I could relate to. I would love to read more diverse books and these would be great!


    1. Hey, thanks so much for replying! Unfortunately I’ve selected the giveaway winner and you were a close second. I deal with mental illness so this resonated with me. Hope you get those books one day.

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  2. Right now, there are two books I want, or on my wish list. Lol.
    One is called 72 Hour Hold by Bebe Moore Campbell; this is the fictionalized version of the mother of a celebrity I won’t name (it’s unimportant), and her struggle in dealing with her child’s serious mental illnesses.
    The other is
    Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me, by Ron Miscavige. I’m utterly fascinated by the memoirs of those who’ve left the Church of Scientology, and this is the only one I’ve not read, and promises to be one of the more interesting perspectives.


  3. I would LOVE to buy the book Ashfall by Mike Mullen, because it seems like I can never get it at the library. It’s one of my favorite books and I want to read it over, and over, and over again. *Insert heart eyes here*


    1. Hey, thanks heaps for replying and sharing this interesting book you’ve made me want to read. Unfortunately I’ve chosen the winner but hope you get this book so you can reread it whenever you want to.

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  4. This is very generous of you!

    The book I’m hungering after at the moment is The Romanovs: 1613-1918 by Simon Sebag Montefiore. Ever since seeing that Anastasia cartoon as a kid, imperial Russian history has absolutely fascinated and inspired me and, although it’s non-fiction, sometimes I find that the best stories can be found in fact. It’s a beautiful-looking book and, at 784 pages, it should keep me busy for a while!

    Also, if giving books to strangers is something that interests you, you should check out the book fairies!


    1. Hey, thanks so much for replying! I’ve chosen you to give the money/book to because I adore non-fiction and your interest in this book resonates with me. When I was little my mum had this beautiful book called Anastasia’s Album that I loved looking through. Here’s the link if you want to check it out:
      Such beautiful pictures and such an interesting story. I loved the movie too which I saw after the book.
      So, do you want let me know your email and I’ll send you the $50 asap. If there is any extra money, spend it on more books – hehe!
      (If you don’t want your email visible just email it to me:

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      1. Oh my goodness, thank you very much! Anastasia’s Album looks really interesting – I love old photographs. If you’re still interested in Anastasia, I thoroughly recommend Four Sisters: The Lost Lives of the Romanov Grand Duchesses by Helen Rappaport, which goes into great detail about Anastasia and her three sisters.

        I’ll drop you an email with my email. Thanks again! ☺️


        1. Awesome, thanks heaps. I’ve sent the money. With the conversion rate you end up getting around 30 pounds. I think that’s what it’s called. Hope that is enough to get your book. Please let me know when you receive the money – hopefully it makes it safely to you.

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  5. This is very generous of you. It is an amazing feeling to make someone’s day and one I want to start feeling again more often. One of the books that is on my wishlist is Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor. I have heard amazing things about this series and would love to check it out. I also want the rest of her books as well as Haruki Murakami and Chimanana Ngozi Adichie. It’s very hard for me to narrow it down to just one or two 🙂


    1. It’s the best feeling ins’t it! It just fills me up. I’ve got a Giving List, a bucket list of intentional acts of kindness. So fun!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Unfortunately I’ve already chosen the winner but do hope you get those books for yourself one day.

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  6. This is a cool idea! If only I could narrow it down to one book lol I’ve got so many books piled up that o haven’t read yet, it’s best let those who’ve caught up on the TBR to play this game.

    Just wanted to tell you this is a good and generous idea!


  7. Aw, this is so sweet of you! One book I want to buy is The Star Under the City by Maggie Joy because she is a blogging friend of mine and I’d love to support her. Plus her book sounds really good. 😉

    This is so generous of you. ^_^


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