Art journaling

I always have a notebook and keep a journal but I don’t always write in it. I like the idea of journaling every day but I don’t always have the energy for it.

I’ve been trying a new journaling method where at the end of the day I cover an A4 page of a visual diary with notes and pictures to capture that day. It’s a quick way to journal with notes and dot points rather than pages and pages of sentences, and I love that I can combine it with drawing.

It’s a place to record anything from dreams, ideas, random thoughts, milestones, to-do lists, wishlists, and a list of things I’m grateful for.

I’ve also been practising some faux calligraphy, trying out different doodles, and trying out different pens.

It’s good just to have ten minutes or so where I can just relax, reflect and have the freedom to create without needing to create a masterpiece.

It’s a fun outlet, a creative practice ground, and a quick way to record the day.

Do you journal?


17 thoughts on “Art journaling

  1. This is a great idea for journalling. Love how people can be creative in so many different ways, this being an example, love it!


    1. Glad I’m not the only one. It definitely is more fun, although I still get too tired to do this some nights as well. But definitely more flexible than straight journaling.

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  2. What I like best about journaling is looking back at my entries later. I think this style of journaling would be so neat to review later on! Unfortunately, I’m not that talented with doodles but could probably do different text boxes and writing styles..


    1. I rarely look back at my journals unless I’m going to use them in some way – i.e. write a book from them. Or sometimes I want to find something but it’s so hard to find it. So this method makes me look back on the pages and much easier to find things cos of the picture that goes with the entry that matches it in some way. Give it a go, any doodles are fine.


        1. It’s so cool, I never thought of it either until I saw my friend do it. If there’s blank space, that’s when I fill it in with random doodles, or just to let my mind wander.


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