My favourite location: Airlie Beach


Airlie Beach is my favourite place with the lagoon on one side and the beach on the other. It is so beautiful!


I love sitting or lying on the grass at the lagoon with a book, a journal and pen, and my iPod.

I love the atmosphere at Airlie. I feel happy, free, and alive there.

I wouldn’t want to live there. It’s too bustling and touristy, but I love going there for special occasions and retreats when I need a bit of rest. Even though it’s bustling, the beauty of the place calms me and feeds my soul.

The right side of the lagoon
The left side of the lagoon

Since I live in a small isolated town, I also love going to Airlie for the shops and food. It takes an hour to drive there.

I love getting Cold Rock and going to my favourite eating place where there is live music at night.

I love the vibe and I love the architecture of the place with an open layout. I think it’s called Magnums.

One day I would to go to Airlie for a few days or a week to have a writing retreat. I’d spend my days writing at the lagoon and my nights at Magnums.

A rainbow at Airlie Beach

Where is your favourite location?


2 thoughts on “My favourite location: Airlie Beach

  1. Airlie Beach really does look beautiful! I can imagine it being a very inspiring place to write. How do you pronounce it – is it like air-lee or arr-lee or air-lie or something completely different?

    I definitely find something very inspiring about open water, especially the sea. There’s a beach near where I live called Southsea – it definitely isn’t as picturesque as Airlie, but I love being there and having a little paddle in the sea usually helps me get over any slumps, writing-related or otherwise. I think it has something to do with feeling the rhythm of the tide, with being connected to nature in some way – maybe.

    Great post and lovely pictures – thanks for sharing! 🙂


    1. Air-lee, your first guess – go you!
      Me too, beaches are my favourite places. They have a way of recentering me. Nature, wide open space, the beauty and grandeur, the mystery, the blue and sparkles.
      So cool you live near a beach too. It definitely helps to go to the beach just for a break.
      Thanks heaps, thanks for the prompt to share them.

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