I finished my book!

I’ve been working on a book for about a year. It’s my second book and it’s a memoir about everything I’ve learnt about life, identity, faith, God, church, mission, and heaven from twelve years of beach mission.

It started in November last year, I think, when I typed up all my journal entries from beach mission.

I went to my last beach mission in January, then in February I started going through all my typed up journal entries and turning them into chapters.

Then I arranged the chapters into a book.

Then I went through three rounds of editing which cut the book down by 60,000 words.

I was aiming to finish it by the 30th June and hand it in on the 1st July but there were a few disruptions: cyclone, trip to Melbourne, funeral, and a surprise visit from family.

I gave myself a new deadline for a month later. Finally on the 1st August I handed the book to four special people for feedback.

For all of July I spent every spare second on the book and didn’t realise how exhausted I was until I handed it in. Now time to have a break from the book for a month.

Then in September I’m meeting up with two friends to chat about the book. We’re going to spend a weekend in a holiday house and they’ll help me work out what to cut, include, and any other advice. So looking forward to it!

I aim to publish it next year because the first book I wrote was in 2013 and I still haven’t published it. My aim is to publish my first book before my second so I got to get cracking.

But first, I’m giving myself a break and some rewards for handing in the book: Lord of the Rings here I come. I bought the extended version DVDs just for this milestone.

Also, with the extra time on my hands I’m getting into some new creative projects: junk journalling and bullet jornalling.

Any fellow book writers out there who write nonfiction?


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