What I learnt from rain about what to do with my life

Be Like Rain – Do what you’re made to do

21st March 2017, Prismacolor on A3 cartridge paper

I never thought rain would become a meaningful symbol in my life but through reading a book it has become a great encouragement to me.

Now I remind myself to ‘be like rain.’

Rain is good at what it was made to do. It rains.

It’s simple and ordinary, but it’s life-giving and valuable.

It isn’t valuable just because it waters plants and creates beauty and provides food. There is value in the rain itself. We delight in it when we rush to our windows to watch it fall or splash in puddles or dance in it. Rain delights simply because it rains.

As a perfectionist, people-pleaser, and performer I struggled with knowing what to do. I lost myself there for a while when I listened to outside voices telling me what to do.

But the rain shows me I don’t have to do what everyone else is doing or try to do a thousand things at once. I can be like the rain and simply do what I was made to do.

That is such a freeing concept for me.

I don’t have to question the value of what I was made to do or feel guilty about doing it because the delight I get from it has value in itself. It brings me to life and I trust it will help bring life to others.

I was made to write and create. So as the rain rains, I will write and create. We will do what we do best.

What are you made to do?


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